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As ever, auditing is a mainstay of DOMUS. However, we now offer you not only annual audits, but also a broad range of additional services. Our services give equal consideration to fulfilling the highest professional standards with regard to audit quality, IT-supported, risk-oriented audits using the DomusAuditApproach©, and to our clients' interest in obtaining solution-oriented advice.

Our services

  • Legally required audits
  • Auditing IFRS financial statements
  • Continuous monitoring on behalf of the Supervisory Board
  • Annual and consolidated audits for companies of all kinds, as well as foundations, associations and owner-operated enterprises
  • Checking for compliance
  • Special audits
  • Auditing special-purpose balance sheets
  • Audits when companies are founded or transformed
  • Auditing of measures to comply with legal transformation regulations, such as audits of mergers and spin-offs
  • Auditing in accordance with the Real Estate Agents and Property Developers Act
  • Voluntary special audits
  • Audits of resource allocation in conjunction with public subsidy programmes, such as EU-subsidised audits
  • Auditing EU projects
  • Auditing prospectuses of closed-end real estate funds
  • Auditing urban development and redevelopment measures
  • Auditing insurance coverage
  • Auditing of viability calculations


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