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Real estate valuation

Do you know the value of your property?

Sufficient information on the condition, value and value-driving parameters of your real estate is an indispensable building block of professional real estate management.

From optimising short-term profits to ensuring long-term marketability: knowledge of the portfolio is essential to achieving strategic corporate goals. Our valuation will give you the knowledge you need to be at an advantage when discussing credit with your bank, and will also give you a sense of assurance should the negotiations get a bit tougher.

Our services

We are a competent partner to advise you on choosing a recognised valuation method tailored to your individual aims. We will also work closely together with you to determine the value-driving parameters, such as sustainable rent and vacancy rates, as well as the repair status and strategic investments. We are real estate specialists whose many years of experience in appraising even large real estate portfolios has given us excellent knowledge of the market. Therefore, we can not only help you ascertain the fair market value, but also give you an overview of the marketability of specific properties or whole packages of real estate.

On completion, you will also receive all relevant data and parameters in the form of an Excel file. Thus you will have instruments at your disposal providing you with up-to-date data to keep you always one step ahead of your business partners.


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Berlin | Chairman of the Board, Auditor, Tax Advisor, Lawyer

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